Playing with architecture in Munich

The surreal photo series by Víctor Enrich

by Serena L. Rosato
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PHOTOGRAPHY_ This photo series by Víctor Enrich needs no words, just have a look.  

Interested in a wide range of subjects, from Architecture to sports, cinema, geography or politics, Víctor’s main aims converge to always try to provide this world with something fresh and distinct, not especially funny or crazy, but just different. His strong beliefs in the power of creativity in people are the basis of his life choices reminding his friends and acquaintances that this world can be reformulated a thousand times in a single day. 



Víctor Enrich ( Barcelona, February 20th, 1976 ). Born in a mid class family of both parents coming from the countryside was the only child for 21 years until his sister’s birth, Cristina, in 1997. Since very early years he manifests interest in music and starts receiving piano lessons even though as long as he grows up, geography, architecture and computers become the main pastimes after school. At the age of 18, he graduates and enters the Barcelona School of Architecture.

During his years in college, in the mid 90s, he strives to use computerised representation techniques to express his architectonic ideas. With time, the improvement of these techniques become a priority as he starts a business of 3D Architectural Visualisation.
For the following years he serves a vast range of architects based in Barcelona, mainly working in competitions. In 2006, and after 9 years of career, he decides to slow down, give way to the younger generations of 3D visualisation and start exploring himself and his new arising interest: Art. 

A period of long journeys all over Europe, including long lasting stays in countries such as Latvia and Israel, begins, during which Víctor develops a higher consciousness about his inner creativity. Shyly, his first Artwork, and his first exhibitions show up.
Finally, in 2011, he sets up Art as his main and unique working activity which lasts until the present days.





Photo © Víctor Enrich


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