The new Erasmus University College in Rotterdam

Erick Van Egeraat has designed the renovation of a historical building

by Malcolm Clark
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The work on Erick van Egeraat's recently commissioned project on a 1920's historical building in the centre of Rotterdam will begin in July 2012.

The famous architect will create the new main building of the Erasmus University College (EUC) commissioned by the Dutch city in the Nieuwe Markt area. The old library building, now housing the Museum of Education will become the new main university building.

A modern and luminous construction will communicate with the original structure, respecting the original features of the building. The old marble and the stained glass windows inside the building will be restored and maintained in order to honour the historical value of the building.

The project develops over five stories housing a lecture hall, reading rooms, tutor rooms and staff offices. A new atrium is designed as the centrepiece of the new building and will stretch from the ground floor to the new glass roof, providing the building with natural lighting.

Van Egeraat's new intervention will restore to the city of Rotterdam a revitalised building, exploited and improved with a new function enabling the new Erasmus University College to become the new beating heart of the town centre.

The completion of the work is envisaged for September 2013.

    Erasmus University College 8

    Erasmus University College

    Rotterdam / Netherlands / 2013