Apartment refurbishment in Calle Urgell

Anna & Eugeni Bach's architectural office reassembles two apartments in Barcelona

by Malcolm Clark
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Spanish architects Anna & Eugeni Bach present their latest Apartment refurbishment in c/ Urgell in Barcelona. The work consists of connecting two apartments, one of 65 sq. m on the ground floor, overlooking the street on one side with an interior patio, and one of 40 sq. m on the upper floor, the result of an elevation in the '60s.

The distribution of space is organized around the staircase, which not only represents an element of communication, but also visually connects the two levels. Downstairs there is the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and bedroom, while upstairs there is a double bedroom, a study and a bathroom.

Downstairs we have retained all the wooden elements, doors and windows, to maintain the atmosphere that the apartment had in the past” explain the architects.

“The original tiles had already been partially eliminated in previous refurbishing operations and had remained available only to cover half of the surface. We were lucky enough to recover the missing tiles from a nearby building, which is also being refurbished, re-using parts that otherwise would have been thrown away. In this way we managed create a floor which gives uniformity to the intervention as a whole by classifying and combining the different pieces to create a floor.”

    Apartment refurbishment in c/ Urgell 78

    Apartment refurbishment in c/ Urgell

    Barcelona / Spain / 2013