Let's go cycling... inside the bar!

Reused and recycled old bicycles in Bucharest’s old city

by Serena L. Rosato
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INTERIOR DESIGN_ Bike addicted? We know this would be the right place for you. Located in Bucharest’s old city, Bicicleta is a characteristic bar with an unique concept: reusing and recycling old bicycle parts, turning them into furniture and lighting fixtures, all mixed well with in an industrial décor of the old city.

Collaboration between Open Space Design, a young design Bucharest based officeand the bar’s owner Stefan Ciobotaru, the bar reflects the latter’s childhood love for bikes and everything that has to do with them. 





The main parts were purchased from Great Britain, and are mainly from the 1930’s, combined with a great part of elements recovered from Romania’s once oldest and largest bike factory Pegas, now permanently closed.

Using the saddles from the classical Pegas Kent, a bike that was popular in the 70’s communist Romania together with defining elements from track bikes, the bar’s entire furniture is laced with a great variety of bicycle parts that add extra detail and contribute to the general ambiance.

The sporty atmosphere is completed by the savoury cocktails prepared by Stefan himself, after recipesmade-up based onthe costumer’s taste or the bartender’s inspiration.




Photo © Cristian Vasil


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  • Serena L. Rosato

    Serena L. Rosato


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Bicicleta 24


Bucharest / Romania / 2013