Temporary sleep space? There's a flexible bedroom

Fold Inn by Lieke Jildou de Jong and Alei Verspoor

by Serena L. Rosato
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DESIGN_ Fold Inn is a box that unfolds into a flexible bedroom designed by Lieke Jildou de Jong & Alei Verspoor. It offers a temporary room to stay within larger or vacant spaces, or at any other desired location. 

Fold Inn can be used in a wide variety of situations, for example by people visiting an event, festival or conference where there are not enough hotels around, or at workplaces where people want to stay over for a night. When folded, the box leaves space for workplaces, conferences, presentations or other activities. Fold Inn is designed to set up quick and simple, fits in a standard-sized elevator and is carried by wheels in order to improve its mobility.

Ideal locations for Fold Inn would be vacant buildings, which needs temporary use in between the new and the former purpose. The mobility and flexibility is achieved by having a complete bedroom interior stored inside the box with duvet, pillow and mattress. Unfolded the space of the box functions as a closet within the created bedroom with space for private luggage. While folded, the box leaves space for workplaces, conferences, presentations or any other work-­‐related activities during daytime. During night time the space will be transformed in a place in between hostel en hotel, where one can rent a Fold Inn box to have a sleep. This way you create a multifunctional use of the available space.



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Have a look at the video of Alei Verspoor about her approach to contemporary design. For her sustainability is synonymous with good design – and represents a potentially successful business plan, based on the underlying principles of environmental improvement.

Alei Verspoor - London Sustainable Innovation from Textile Futures Research Centre on Vimeo.



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