PEC Colectivo transforms a fish stall into offices

The Madrid collective opens their studio in the Lavapies market in Madrid

by Malcolm Clark
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At the beginning of 2012, the Mercado de San Fernando in Madrid was in a state of decline and partly unused, a little less than a year later, thanks to the fruitful collaboration between public administration and citizens, the structure has rediscovered its original ferment animating the barrio.
One of the most vital areas is the one occupied by the PEC Colectivo, a group made up of architects, graphic designers, archaeologists, and others, who, through a self-managed model, has found its perfect location in the bright and colourful Workspace Lavapies Market.

The interiors have been designed by the same members of the collective who have reshaped the image of the premises of an old fish stall, through a mixture of creativity, professionalism and resourcefulness, ensuring maximum flexibility.

The use of the space has been maximized by creating a mezzanine supported by a steel structure.

The materials are for the most part recycled and follow the principles of bio-construction to ensure high levels of energy efficiency.

    Workspace Lavapies Market 27

    Workspace Lavapies Market

    Madrid / Spain / 2013