Useful Living by Sanghyeok Lee wins "Time to Design Award 2013"

by Antonella Fraccalvieri
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DESIGN_This year the winner of Time to Design 2013 is the korean designer Sanghyeok Lee with “Useful Living” project. Useful Living is a series of ready-to-assemble furniture consisting of ShelfRack and Chair.  

The Oak, a classic Danish choice for wooden furniture, and the custom designed brass joints lend a natural harmony to the series. Useful Living mimics scaffolding structures in construction sites. In its flexible design, it mimics the nomadic lifestyle of the young designer, which was once Sanghyeok Lee himself.

Useful Shelf has wood-smoked shelves that bring out the potential and variation of the material. Useful Rack is stripped of excessive decoration leaving focus on the aesthetic of the structure. Useful Chair has a minimal but strong structure and tells a story, which will be complete once a person sits down in it.


About the project Sanghyeok says: "When I started on the project, my biggest challenge was the art of restriction. How far should and could I reach in three months? Useful Living is a further development of “Useful Arbeitsloser (Jobless)”. Through experimentation, I wanted to see what "Useful Living" could become in terms of functions. It is a process, which will continue after my stay in Denmark. I am very detail oriented, perhaps because of my Korean background, and during the process, I decided to focus on three pieces of furniture".



 Sanghyeok Lee, exhibits Useful Living in Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store, Østerbrogade 70 in Copenhagen from November 22 to December 5, 2013.


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    Useful Living

    Berlin / Germany / 2013