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by Serena L. Rosato
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UTILITY_ The smart builder of tools for mobile creation FiftyThree announce Pencil, a new hardware accessory for Paper, and the latest in their essential suite of mobile tools for creativity. Pencil is the most natural and expressive tool for getting ideas on Paper, a beautiful blend of advanced technology and crafted design. Pencil’s special expressive features: Erase, Blend, and adaptive Palm Rejection, open up a whole new world of creative possibilities in Paper.

With the release of Pencil, FiftyThree has created a simple and powerful tool that perfectly complements their debut app “Paper,” named iPad App of the Year by Apple. 


When connected to Paper, Pencil gives creators access to unique expressive features:

● Palm Rejection: Our adaptive palm rejection instantly knows whether it’s your hand or Pencil touching the page. Rest your hand on the screen, write from any angle. No calibration or setup. You’ll forget you’re creating on a tablet.
● Erase: Be bold and make mistakes. Pencil’s unique builtin eraser lets you try anything knowing an eraser is only a flip away.
● Blend: Get handson with your ideas. Pencil takes care of the lines so you can use your finger to smooth rough edges and blend colors directly on the page. Create beautiful color transitions for charts, skies, and shadows.


FiftyThree has radically simplified critical details including charging and wireless connection.

● Tuned tip: Pencil’s tip has been carefully frictiontuned to feel great on a screen. Extra tip and eraser included.
● Lasting power: Under normal use, Pencil will not need to be recharged for about a month. Pencil’s longlasting
lithiumion battery can be recharged on any USB port in under 90 minutes.
● Quality materials: Pencil is available in “Walnut” and “Graphite.” Graphite Pencils are seamless unibody aluminum with a black anodized finish. Walnut Pencils are each milled from a solid piece of firstgrade walnut that has met rigorous standards for sustainability. Each Walnut Pencil has a subtly unique grain and tone to the wood.
● Compatibility: Pencil has special expressive features when connected to Paper, but it still works beautifully as a basic stylus on any touchscreen device.
● Free Paper Tool Set: Try all the Paper tools for free while using Pencil.
● KisstoPair ™: Bluetooth connection as it should be: no settings menus, no confusing pairing rituals. Just press Pencil’s tip to the screen. Clear, stable, simple... easy as falling in love. 


Paper is where ideas begin. It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on iPad. Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and share them across the web. 

Paper is available on app store Paper by Fifthy Three


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