Exotic South_Textile design stories

by Antonella Fraccalvieri
3 Love 1657 Visits

Studiocharlie tells us his relationship with Lanificio Leo, the oldest textile mill still active in Calabria, South Italy. For the occasion, the Jacquard blankets and plaids collections designed by Studiocharlie for Lanificio Leo enter the spaces of Rua Confettora 17.

Lanificio Leo, founded in 1873, is the oldest textile mill still active in Calabria; machines from the late 19th century, from the 20th century and contemporary are used in production for making a stitch, the thread and finally the cloth.


Lanificio Leo, besides production, is also involved in an active participation to cultural debate on design, with lessons and conferences, and invitating italian and international designers to visit and work in the company.

Is inside this vision that in 2003 Emilio S. Leo asks Studiocharlie to create a work for the spaces of the company; "Polvere" video installation is Studiocharlie's first response, and a long lasting cooperation will begin, with various subsequent projects.



In 2004 Studiocharlie designs Punto Pecora, an abstraction from the logo for the Lanificio Leo woolmill: the image of a lamb. In 2008 Il Pleut fabric is exhibited to the public: the basic pattern is inspired by the visual form of the calligram of the same name by Apollinaire, the design is multiplied by the weaving process and generates a motif in which the stitches fall like drops.



In 2010 Studiocharlie designs Brzz, a fabric based on the idea of distorting the classical square texture in order to obtain, starting from a simple geometry, a very dynamic weave.

Nowadays the cooperation between Studiocharlie and Lanificio Leo goes on, not only designing new fabrics for ancient Jacquard looms, but also experimenting on new machines.


Friday 22nd November 2013 h19-22

Rua Confettora 17 - Design Shop

rua Confettora 17, Brescia, Italy