Space to Culture contest promoted by YAC

Rethink a disused industrial place and transform it in space for culture

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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COMPETITION _ YAC-Young Architects Competitions has launched the new competition Space to Culture.

The progressive digitalization of social and economical relationships is transforming lots of huge factories into useless empty boxes waiting for re-functionalization and new purpose. Nute Partecipazioni ltd deals with revamping and enhancing valuable but disused industrial buildings. Such firm owns a disused factory in Quarto Inferiore (Granarolo, Bologna). Nute’s CEO is currently aiming to transform the disused 15.000 m2 industrial park into a space for leisure time, culture and arts.

Space to Culture aims to revamp and re-functionalize an extraordinary architecture; the point is to reinterpret the concept of “cultural building” under a contemporary perspective.
This is a chance to rethink a disused industrial place and transform it in a lively space for culture, art and public relationships. Wide and versatile open spaces are meant to provide local citizens and tourists a modern cultural / leisure time activities centre. 

This call focuses on temporality and spatial custom-tailoring. Nowadays modern technology is capable of boosting communication and information. This feature shall lead designers to propose flexible system made of dynamic / modular / equipped spaces.

YAC aims to promote contemporary projects that embody a temporal and personal approach to architectural space.
Idea is the keyword, Architecture is the answer and project is the medium through which intuition transforms into concrete reality.

Winning participants will receive prizes as follows: 1°prize 8.000 €, 2° prize 4.000 €, 3° prize 2.000 € and two honorable mentions 500 €. Proposals must be submitted by 2014, 10 March (previous registration by 2014, 24 February).

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