Ledge Pants: stainproof pants for everyday use

More durable than your jeans, but don't look like it

by Serena L. Rosato
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TECHNOLOGY_ For everyone who cares about the relationship between comfort and clothing, Peter Kirk is releasing The Pants: stainproof pants that are more durable than your jeans, but don't look like it.

Founded in June 2013, Ledge Pants is based on the idea that clothing should do more than cover your skin. Many people tend to get more stuff to make their lives easier; this brand is about doing more with less. Less worry, less waste, more time.

Over the past few years, Peter destroyed many pairs of pants. Climbing, cycling, and the occasional spilled cup of coffee made cleaning stains, fixing tears, and buying replacements all-too-common of a ritual. One day, after having enough, he decided it was time for something different. After many months of development and with a few more people onboard, we are pleased to introduce The Pants from Ledge Pants.



"Since June, we have developed and rigorously tested our product, known as The Pants. The Pants are resistant to stains and water, stretch like yoga pants, are stronger than jeans, and they require little washing. As we have done away with all of the shiny zippers and gizmos found on much “outdoor” clothing, The Pants transition seamlessly between work and play. In fact, most people do not realize that they are different until something spills on them. Pulling on a pair for the first time, the big difference is that they are ridiculously comfortable. You can move your legs in any direction and the pants won’t fight back or ride up.Our product testers are currently a couple of incredible climbers, hailing from Salt Lake City.

The manufacturer who will be making The Pants has been in the outdoor industry for 27 years, primarily making ski racing suits and backpacks. Before that, one of the two owners managed the production of a few lines for Nordstrom’s. As such, we can maintain a high level of quality control and craftsmanship throughout our current and future products.

We will be expanding into women’s sizing within the month, potentially developing a women’s-specific sub-brand. There are plans to use other fabrics and colors for pants, offering a few different price levels and choices. People have expressed interest in jackets and shirts, but that has yet to begin to take shape."


The Pants are more durable than jeans. Plus, only the sturdiest zippers and buttons make it into these pants. This showed through one day when Carl crashed his bike during a rainstorm, resulting in no damage to his pants but plenty of foul words.

Easy Care

Frequent washing is unnecessary with these pants. We prefer to wash them in cold water, followed by a tumble dry on low. Both drying and ironing are ways to reactivate the water and stain repellent treatment. Furthermore, The Pants resist wrinkles. Within an hour of wear, all wrinkles will disappear.


The Pants look just like your other chinos and dress pants. We are going with a simple, clean aesthetic: no logos, no Velcro, no shiny gizmos. This means that you can wear the same pair of pants to your business meeting and on your commute home.
The pockets are extra deep so that things won't fall out, and have a cut in the side to make access a little easier.

Ease of Movement

Due to the high elastane content (10%) in the fabric, The Pants stretch like you might expect yoga pants to. As opposed to straining and binding, they respond to your movements by gently moving wherever you please.


The fabric used in production is from a bluesign certified manufacturer, meaning that it is made in an environmentally sustainable way. Also, production is in the same city as we are, cutting out a bunch of wasteful shipping. By keeping things local, we are able to create jobs and support businesses that want to do the same. Buying a pair of pants will improve your life, and will help improve the lives of many more.


You can back Ledge Pants on Kickstarter.


Photo © Peter Kirk



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