The Roof and Mushrooms pavilion in Kyoto

Nendo and Ryue Nishizawa design a new pavilion for the University of Art and Design

by Malcolm Clark
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The design of the Roof and Mushrooms pavilion on the campus of the University of Art and Design in Kyoto, comes from a collaboration between Design Office Nendo and the architect Ryue Nishizawa. It is located on a steep hill covered with lush green vegetation.

On a clear day you can see the 36 crests of the hill that line the east of Kyoto. A single element has been designed to compose the cover of the pavilion, which follows the slope of the site: the concept of the structure intends to allude to the mountain walk in the midst of a thick blanket of trees.

The soffit of the wooden structure of the pavilion has been designed in the shape of a mushroom or umbrella, as indicated by the project's name.

The layout of the seats, on the other hand, which appear to climb at the base of the pillars that support the roof, refer to mushrooms springing up in the woods; the same details of the railing contribute to restore the same natural image.

The designers have emphasized the idea of wanting to design the architectural elements that make up the pavilion, like natural elements that 'sprout' in the inclined space, rather than thinking about putting furniture in a room.

    Roof and Mushrooms pavilion 30

    Roof and Mushrooms pavilion

    Kyoto / Japan / 2013