International contest War Town Microtecture

Homemade Dessert in cooperation with Liepaja City Council

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COMPETITION _ Homemade Dessert, in cooperation with the Liepaja City Council, invites designers and architects to participate in the third international architecture vision competition on Karosta, Latvia: War Town Microtecture.

Karosta translates as War Port (or Navy Harbor). It is located in the west of Latvia, in the city of Liepaja. Karosta used to be a secret military town for the Russian Empire, and later on for the Soviets. As Latvia regained its independence in 1991, the Soviet army had to leave Karosta. As a consequence, the population dropped dramatically from 25 000 to 6 000 inhabitants and the town has fallen into a state of partial despair.

To cover all scales of Karostas urban revitalization plan, this time Homemade Dessert asks to focus on Karosta's small-scale architecture forms - playground areas, bus stops, benches and information signs, in order to develop a consistent concept to reinforce and reflect the identity of the Karosta. An essential aspect of good urban design is the capacity of the objects (no matter the scale) to become more than mere objects. They must be dependent on their relationships so as to complete an articulating scheme. As such there is no specific area of intervention. Those objects are supposed to be placed around the town, accordingly to your understanding of relationships they produce.  

Homemade dessert will award the winners with US$ 1000 for the 1st prize, US$ 700 for the 2nd prize and US$ 300 for the 3rd prize.

Proposals must be submitted by 13 April 2014 (Registration by 12 March 2014)

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