Edgeland Residence by Bercy Chen Studio in Austin Texas

A residence inspired by the design of vernacular dwellings in North America

by Malcolm Clark
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The Edgeland Residence in Austin, Texas is a residential project by U.S. architects Bercy Chen Studio. The design of the house is inspired by “pit houses”, vernacular residences of Native Americans in the areas of North America, the structure of which as the name suggests, is partially dug into the ground and covered to seamlessly fit in with the surrounding land.

Two green roofs cover the two wings of the house partially protecting the courtyard that separates them and respectively protecting the large glazed surfaces that make up the façade.

The roof garden becomes a natural temperature control and allows the structure to fit in perfectly with its surroundings.

The inner courtyard is transformed into a privileged platform for observing the numerous animal species that inhabit the area.

The project also boasts the collaboration with Lady Bird Wildflower Center for studying the green, allowing 40 species of wild flowers and plants to be inserted to contribute to the preservation of the local ecosystem.