The Maff Apartment by Queeste Architecten in the Hague

A small and comfortable accommodation structure with a strong identity

by Malcolm Clark
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The Maff Apartment by Queeste architecten is a “hotel room” on the third floor of a private house in The Hague in the Netherlands. The owner, who lives in the same building, commissioned the design of this room of just 30 square meters, with all modern conveniences to the design office: double bed, dining room for 4 people, kitchen and bathroom with shower.

The goal of the project was to create an environment that would be spacious and comfortable, despite the small volume, and which had a clear and strong identity to give it a unique character.

The various areas are grouped around a central open space, which is directly accessed on entering the apartment. The kitchen is flooded by light entering through the skylights, and connects the two areas of the house.

The strong identity was created by using a very limited palette of shapes and colours. The corners are all rounded to instil a sense of softness to this small space. The floor was made of an anthracite black epoxy resin; all the other surfaces are painted white to bring serenity to this multiform space. The only exception to this colour scheme is the sofa, whose cushions, inspired by the prevailing colour of the city's roofs, are coloured bright orange.

    Maff Apartment 28

    Maff Apartment

    The Hague / Netherlands / 2007