Palazzo Pepoli in Bologna: the City Museum for the city

Refurbishing and additions designed by Architect Mario Bellini

by Malcolm Clark
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Palazzo Pepoli, housing the Museo della Storia di Bologna, in the heart of the city, was re-opened on 28th January following repair and restoration work carried out by architect Mario Bellini, in respect of its history and to honour its beauty.

After seven years of work, the old building, which was in danger of falling into irremediable disrepair, has been transformed and turned into what can be described as a Global Museum of the history of the city of Bologna.

Its characteristic element is a steel and glass tower built in the central courtyard of the Museum, whose translucent appearance de-materialises the surfaces and eases the visit of the museum. The covered courtyard serves a new purpose as a feeder to the various exhibition rooms.

The items on show inside the large rooms are “framed” by three-dimensional cages, lit with miniaturised LED technology. The exhibition showcases, prepared by architect Italo Lupi, contain panels full of images and backlit texts, in order to make the visit even more magical.

Palazzo Pepoli is part of the Genus Bononiae “Musei nella Città” (City Museums) project. It was established in 2003 by will of the President of “Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio” in Bologna, professor Fabio Roversi-Monaco.

Its purpose is to promote a different and more innovative vision of the museum institution of the centre of Bologna, by involving various historical buildings with specific cultural features within the urban centre.

This cultural itinerary serves a dual purpose: furthering knowledge of the civil and architectural history of the city of Bologna and encouraging the development of the “extended” museum, made up of several nearby buildings, restored for public use.

  • Omar Abubakar

    i think plan and lightning of the building make it ur design look so nature

Museo della Storia di Bologna 46

Museo della Storia di Bologna

Bologna / Italy / 2012