Camper Store designed by Chinese office Neri&Hu

The new flagship store of the famous Spanish brand opens in Shanghai

by Malcolm Clark
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The latest Camper Showroom/ flagship store opens in Shanghai. This time it is designed by Chinese architects Neri & Hu Design and Research Office. After having commissioned architects and designers of the calibre of Benedetta Tagliabue and Nendo and Tomas Alonso, the Spanish brand has commissioned two architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu to re-interpret an old Chinese house for its new store.

The design is inspired by the urban surroundings, recalling the typical dynamism of the premises and alleys of Shanghai called “nong-tang”.

A mirrored surface at the end of the lane visually lengthens the sectional cut. The steel frame has been left exposed and the inner cladding is made of strips of recycled wood recovered from the previous building, creating a playful game of shades and textures.

Several pieces of furniture have been designed for the project, like the shelves made of perforated bronze panels, the limited edition Neri&Hu Solo chair and the “Lazy Susan” table.

  • CFilipe Barge

    Congrats for your amazing work! :) As a design lovers I guess you'll like to know a new design project. Covet Lounge. Take a look here

Camper Showroom 71

Camper Showroom

Shanghai / China / 2013