The Bay Lights play all night starting 11.1.2013

The World's Largest LED Light Sculpture Over The San Francisco Bay

by Claudia Lorusso
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The Bay LighTs is a monumental light sculpture inspired by the 75th anniversary of the Bay Bridge. Artist Leo Villareal has networked 25,000 individually programmable, white LED lights made by Philips Color Kinetics to create complex algorithms and patterns across the western span. This contemporary art piece is the world’s largest LED light sculpture. 

From the opening night on 3.05.2013 the lights were on from dusk until 2 a.m. Now thanks to a grant from nonprofit group Illuminate the Arts, the lights will play all night starting November 1.

So, save the date! The Bay Lights Team will wait for you for coffee and pastries at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, November 2nd at the Ferry Building amidst its pre-dawn farmer's market hustle and bustle to celebrate a new day for THE BAY LIGHTS—it’s first “on ‘til dawn” moment!

The Bay Lights - Artist Rendering 2 from Words Pictures Ideas on Vimeo.

All The Bay Lights' numbers:

• 1.8 MiLes: length of The Bay LighTs from end to end (approximately 26.4 football fields)

• 12 inches: space between individual LED lights in strand mounted on each cable

• 500 feeT: height of the installation to the tallest point

• 300: number of vertical cables on the bridge that fitted with LED lights

• 240 feeT: length of the longest bridge cable

• 2 feeT: length of the shortest bridge cable

• 728: number of power and data boxes used in the light sculpture system

• 100,000 feeT: linear feet of cable for power, fiber and Cat 5 wires in the system

• $8 MiLLion: total cost of the project to make The Bay LighTs a reality

• 50 MiLLion: estimated number of people dazzled by The Bay LighTs during its two-year presence

• $97 MiLLion: conservative estimate of dollars the project will add to the local economy


Photo credit: Kapshure 

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