Powerhouse Company's The Village House in Denmark

A project that explores the potential of the traditional Danish summerhouse

by Malcolm Clark
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Architects Powerhouse Company have just completed the Village House project, a holiday home, commissioned by a young family in the north of Seeland in Denmark. The house reinterprets what represents the traditional Danish 'summer cabin', through a composition of a five-branch single storey elements.

The different wings of the house have been designed as small cabins, generating a multiplicity of views, effects of light and outdoor spaces. This differentiation means that the environments can be used throughout the year and during the different times of the day.

Village House simultaneously represents both a classic and contemporary idea as it explores and reinterprets the different possibilities and configurations of the traditional summerhouse, characterized by a basic wooden structure with wooden gable roof painted black.

This organization is what gives the house its name: 'a village of cabins', that share common areas in the centre, while also maintaining independent spaces. The project solution is designed to also cater for the future needs of the family members.

    Village House 32

    Village House

    Selandia / Denmark / 2013