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The creative studio Vibok Works in collaboration with the citizen group Ábrete Séneca convenes the Short Story Competition "Latent Cities, Possible Worlds". This initiative is part of a broader editorial action, which aims to promote, through the edition of a book, the reflection on the use and enjoyment of citizens, real and potential, of the spaces in the city.

The purpose of the competition is to gather both experiences and unusual and divergent views on SHARED SPACES in the city in the form of short stories. We look for real or imagined stories, lived or dreamed, utopian or dystopian. All genres, from mystery to science fiction are welcome.

A selection of the received papers will be included in the book "Ábrete Séneca" which is scheduled to be published in December 2013. The competition is open to writers of any nationality, regardless of age. The story presented will be either in Spanish or English
with a minimum length of 600 words and maximum of 1,200 words.

The stories must be original and unpublished. The style and treatment will be free, within the theme chosen: the existence of urban spaces with a possible or latent life, spaces that could be or are transformed and "rewritten" by the use and daily practices of citizens. It will be assessed the introduction of a reference of the everyday use (real or imagined) of one or more spots in the city of Alicante.

The jury is composed by authors José Luis Tenis (Director of the Instituto de Cultura Juan Gilabert) and Silvia Nanclares; architect, writter and editor Ethel Baraona Pohl (Dpr Barcelona); architect and professor Francisco Leiva (Grupo Aranea); José Ramón Navarro Vera on behalf of Abrete Séneca collective and Paula V. Álvarez on behalf of Vibok Works.

The Jury will select the winner among the selected works. The winner will receive an E-BOOK READER and a PALETA DE JAMÓN.

Download the submission guide here.

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