Sensuous objects with a Scandinavian simplicity

Kristine Five Melvær @ London Design Festival

by Serena L. Rosato
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DESIGN_ Recently awarded "Newcomer of the Year" in the Bo Bedre Design Awards 2013, the Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær caught the attention during the London Design Festival showing her collection of design objects at 100% Norway

In her work, she investigates the subject of object communication, bridging the disciplines of product design and graphic design. She focuses on the communicative potentials of objects as a means to create emotional bonds between object and user. By searching for the sensual essence of phenomena, she translates these qualities into sensuous objects with a Scandinavian simplicity.

At 100% Norway she presented her Soft Bowls series, which consists of three incredibly smooth, tactile bowls made purely of expertly worked beech. The Soft Bowls series is part of the Still Life project, where Melvær reinterprets traditional still life motives. The Soft Bowls are produced by the Belgian producer When Objects Work.

Liquid Light, inspired by the Cobbler’s Lamp from the 17thcentury, contains a birch plate holding a glass carafe and candle. When the carafe is filled with liquid and the light is lit, the carafe works as a lens that amplifies the light.

Obelix, her handmade stoneware vases showcase her experimental lacquering process, creating rough and smooth surfaces mimicking the skin of plants, fruit and vegetables, and her Spring lamp - the tallest measuring 2m – give the impression of a glowing forest.


The family of Light Jars captures the light and displays it as the precious treasure it is. By placing beloved objects and trinkets in them, the lamps can literally be filled with personal meaning. The members of the Light Jars family all have different postures and proportions, but the same neck size. The lid holding the light source resembles the power plug on the other end of the cord, considering the poetic notion of power transmission as a life-giving source.

Bloom is a series of three table lamps inspired by forms from the nature. Like big drops, the shades may be associated with buds, fruits or water, while the seams in the construction are reminiscent of fibers. The steel structures have different heights, which contribute to the association of organic bodies. 



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    Soft Bowls

    Norway / 2013

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    Liquid Light

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    Obelix vases

    Norway / 2013

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    Spring lamp

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    Bloom lamp

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    Light Jars

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