White Collage by Keikichi Yamauchi Architects

The minimalist single-family house in perfect Japanese style

by Malcolm Clark
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The single family home White Collage, designed by Japanese office Keikichi Yamauchi architect and associate in Sapporo, stands on a wedge-shaped 88 square metre area. The side exposed to the east of the lot, 20 metres long, is defined by a wide busy street, while the southern façade overlooks a large leisure area with tennis courts and baseball diamond.

Before performing the construction work, the space occupied by the leisure area already existed as an area used by the elderly and children, both as a playground and as a park to walk with the dogs among the ginkgo biloba trees.

The name 'White Collage' alludes to the dialogue between everyday scenarios 'designed' inside the park with the passing seasons and the construction of new buildings, with the aim of creating a single overview.

In order to capture the different scenarios of the park inside the house a 35 millimetre thick sheet of stainless steel has been applied both inside and outside of the dwelling: in this way as the scenes change with the passing seasons, the reflected images on this thin surface are constantly transforming.

White Collage 14

White Collage

Sapporo / Japan / 2009