Blanc VS Noir: the first design challenge

Fédération Française de Design @ Paris design week

by Serena L. Rosato
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 DESIGN_ The FFD - Fédération Française de Design - is a collective where everyone has freedom of self-expression without any hierarchical bond. Thus no design “stars”, an accessible design, simple typologies, a genuine spirit reminding everyone that design is a part of everyday life and that every object surrounding us ,from the most ordinary to the fanciest, has been thought and designed.

Yesterday the two teams, each one made of 11 people, competed against each other on the theme "Wood and Black vs. White and Wood". The collective is made of 7 girls and 15 boys aged from 23 to 35, forming two eclectic teams which shown a great variety of formations (22 different design schools) and professional paths enlightening every aspect of design. 

The pieces are 70% made out of wood in order to homogenize the two team's final result and to show French woodworkers' skills. The typologies are numerous: pepper mill, mirror, toolbox, coat rack, fan, toy, light, side table… each chosen by the designer itself.

White team's pieces

 Alto Mezzo - Jonathan Le Monnier

Caba - Elise Fauveau

 Coupes - Charles Seuleusian

Culbuto - Joseph Assi Meidan

Fuzo - Bertrand Besnard

Icosa - Linda Bayon

Les _les - Piergil Fourquié

Les Clubs - Piergil Fourquié

Les Sinueuses - Lionel Dinis Salazar

Lilio - Jonathan Le Monnier

Niché - Quentin Simonin

Obliques - Lili Cheng

Tuiles - Elise Fauveau

White team's pieces

Aura - Jacopo Ferrari

Composite - Emeline Lavocat

Fit - Marta Polenghi

Intersections - Alfredo Da Silva

Joule- Judith Schachermayer

Jules et Jim - Romain Jung

La Bellevilloise - Maxime Abela

Le Sel et le Poivre -Pierre Dubourg

L'utile - Pierre Dubourg

Tresse - Mickaël Dejean

Vague - Pascal Hien

Yummy - Ségolène Huet


The pieces confronted each other on a ring, in a thrilling head-to-head beneath Louvre's pyramid. The visitors decided: and the winner is... Wood and Black!!! The winning team awarded the first French Cup of Design at the end of Paris Design Week.


Black team - captain: Élise Fauveau

Linda Bayon, Bertrand Besnard, Lili Cheng, Lionel Dinis Salazar, Piergil Fourquié, Jonathan Le Monnier, Joseph Meidan, Charles Seuleusian, Quentin Simonin


White team - captain: Pierre Dubourg

Maxime Abela, Alfredo Da Silva, Mickaël Dejean, Jacopo Ferrari, Pascal Hien, Segolène Huet, Romain Jung, Emeline Lavocat, Marta Polenghi, Judith Schachermayer


What is the future of French Federation of Design?

The next step for FFD will be a contest against foreign Federations, this is the reason why designers from 5 different countries took part to this first exhibition in order to seize the organization, the spirit and the creative “line”. Further projects will be started by smaller teams in order to keep the collective alive all year long: everybody can submit a theme and select the designers she/he wishes to work with.

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      Serena L. Rosato


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