Swinging on the stripes

The wrapped seesaw designed by Lionel Doyen

by Serena L. Rosato
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 DESIGN_ Famous for the work he has done with EastPak and Quinze & Milan, Lionel Doyen designs products that are both functional and fun. Now, exclusively for Dickson®, he has created a totally original seat.

With the Strap Swing, he revisits the traditional porch swing, combining the Sunbrella® straps to invent a new kind of garden furniture.

Making this project, Lionel examined several options. “For the straps fabric, I first looked at the different types of furniture applications: chair, sunbed, garden shed, and so forth, but the swing soon became the obvious choice because the material has the esthetic and technical properties that allow for quick, creative and complex shapes that can also stand up to tough wear and tear”.

Born and raised in the Var region of France, Lionel Doyen made his foray into the art world through graffiti. After earning a degree in industrial design, he went to work in Lyon, Paris and London. Following a ten-year stint at various international agencies specialized in industrial design and commercial office architecture, he settled in Lille in 2008 and began working with the Belgian brand of contemporary furniture Quinze & Milan for whom he designed collections, materials, customized and unusual projects, and got involved in the industrial process as well as the sales strategy. 

Today, Lionel Doyen has his own design studio and aims to establish an ever more personal, more experimental approach to product design and development. In partnership with companies, he hopes to promote a more comprehensive strategy, taking into consideration the customer’s relationship with the product and its use, the innovative aspects and implementation more than simply its aesthetic appeal.




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    Strap Swing