Home Delicate Restaurant by Logica:architettura

A mixture of different and distant styles for a pleasant and surprising environment

by Malcolm Clark
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Riccardo Salvi and Luca Rossire's Logica:architettura has devised the project Home-Made, Home Delicate Restaurant, opened in 2008 in Via Tortona 12 in Milan, which is something midway between the design of a public place and a private home.

The renovation and furnishing work was performed by conveying the creative effort onto questions regarding the materials, style and emotions. Careful research into objects and furniture focussed on abandoning the minimalist approach to evolve towards a new perspective in which different objects, works of art and antiques were mixed.

A clear project method which follows interwoven itineraries, “small stories” even personal ones which are connected – time by time – to a specific place and that can, therefore change in time and in space so that each individual intervention is always well distinguished, unique and has its own individual soul.

In the project for Home-Made there is a mixture of different and distant styles – minimalist furniture with Napoleon III furniture, Le Corbusier with vaguely '50's style external furniture – all this to create a pleasant but surprising and interesting environment.

Home-Made Delicate Restaurant is a place characterised by strong emotions, an international atmosphere where the quality of food (Home-Made uses products from the slow food circuit that are carefully selected and prepared to enhance the genuineness and taste) accompanies the same quality of space. A space that has to be relaxing, detached from noise and from the city's frenetic traffic, a break in a hidden courtyard with a secret garden which gives the same peace of mind that you can feel at home.

A lot of the furniture has been donated by sponsors like Iris Ceramica, Emu, Agape, who have understood the potential of the project and of the place. Some, however, have been designed especially for Home-Made, amongst which the wallpaper produced by Jannelli & Volpi portraying the enormous cages/aviaries, the wall lamps and the large leather sofa. These objects belong to the “Equilibre” collection designed and coordinated by Riccardo Salvi and Luca Rossire: an eclectic collection made up of transversal objects in terms of modern and more classical tastes.

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    Home Delicate Restaurant

    Milan / Italy / 2008