Made_of_loam design

Ecological easy-to-make furniture

by Serena L. Rosato
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DESIGN_ Mugi Yamamoto is a talented industrial designer born in Tokyo and gaining professional experience in Switzerland. He was looking for very ecological and recyclable material...and he found the way! 

 Thanks to the very high quality loam conteined in the Swiss' soil, he decided to work with this very versatile and fascinating material. "My aim was to keep the material very ecological and recyclable, so I decided to mix it only with biodegradable materials and not to fire it." 

In order to find out which mixture would be the most resistant, he tried out 55 different combinations with 24 different ingredients. They were all pressed into the same mold and then air-dried. Later, he measured their resistance by putting increasing weight on them and measuring when they would break.



"I was surprised at the strength of the the final material. The stool plate on the picture measures only 2 cm, and yet a person can sit on it. The table is very resistant as well. The jute fabric has various functions: It feels nice to the touch and it keeps your hands clean. It also reinforces the material so that when a part breaks, the jute fabric holds it together, so it can still be used.

A new and fascinating material. It is very cheap, easy to make, accessible to everyone, ecological and very resilient. We like it! 

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