Mi-Sha in Milan a dimension beyond time and space

Simone Micheli's praise to the antithesis of taste and emotion

by Malcolm Clark
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Milan and Shanghai, two twinned areas, two areas which are so distant physically, two cultures, two traditions which compete to really understand one another, to talk of the past, of the present and of the future, they talk of their taste in Mi-Sha, designed by Simone Micheli.

Mi-Sha@SevenStarsGalleria opened its door during the FuoriSalone 2011 week in Milan. Mi-Sha, the new Restaurant Event within the Kings Hall, in Galleria V. Emanuele II in the heart of Milan has opened just a few months after the end of the Expo in Shanghai and awaiting the opening of the Expo in Milan, whose main theme will be “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life”, a new way to raise individual awareness on sustainable development based upon a regular and continuous nourishment of the body.

Mi-Sha tells of the experience of different places seeking contact, an exchange of experiences and traditions connected to taste for comparison and not just for consolidation or emulation.

Mi-Sha wants to represent a meeting place for two cultures where the exaltation of contrast becomes a resource of beauty. Everything inside this space talks of this: from the purity of the white heterogeneous furniture, to the variable screening of significant images; from the emphasis of the precise lighting technique muting into “non chandeliers” to the peculiar culinary approach, everything harks to this intriguing proposal.

Mi-Sha projects the visitor into a dimension beyond time and a space hanging between the past and the future, with the desire to generate various links between innovation and tradition, to celebrate uniqueness, diversity and extraordinary perception. Mi-Sha is a contemporary manifesto which exploits the proposed taste identities, it is a hospitable place with an immense emotional strength, capable of creating a link between different realities so as to preserve the significant nuances. Mi-Sha is a praise to the possible antithesis of taste and emotion.

    Mi-Sha | luxury taste experience 33

    Mi-Sha | luxury taste experience

    Milan / Italy / 2011