Germany: the Sasbach winery expansion

A perforated metal façade imitates vine leaves and grapes

by Malcolm Clark
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The need for more cellars and a new tasting room are the reasons behind the proposed extension of the Sasbach Winery (Cooperative wine growers association “WG Sasbach”) by amann|burdenski|munkel Architekten.

The extension, also designed to “recalibrate” the aesthetics of the building, bringing it to the required level which befits producers of fine and award-winning wines, backs onto and completes the existing building, reflecting the relationship between traditional and contemporary wine production methods.

The golden façade is made up of a perforated metal plate, whose holes, of different sizes, thus depict vine leaves and grapes. Inside, this alternation creates a play of light and shadows that resemble those produced by a canopy of leaves.

The heart of the cooperative - the barrel - is buried underground, where, like in a vault, the barrels are gently lit leaving the ceiling in the dark.

    Sasbach Winery 25

    Sasbach Winery

    Sasbach am Kaiserstuhl / Germany / 2013