The collections inspired by Nature to celebrate 10 years of Tora Brasil

'Natureza, a maior escola de design'

by Angelo Dell'Olio
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Tora Brasil, the Brazilian furniture brand which have made the nature of their land the cornerstone of their entire production, have launched a new collection to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

The new pieces of the collection reflect the entire production of Tora Brasil, pieces of certified solid wood, sourced from the forests in Brazil, designed by founder Cristiano Ribeiro do Valle

But what is Tora Brazil? Tora Brazil was born in 2003 with the intention of being the leader in certified wood furniture. After a long period living in the Amazon Rainforest,  the agronomist Cristiano Ribeiro do Valle, started to observe woods in a different way and realized its potential in its natural state. On that occasion, he began creating products for the new brand that was being born: Tora Brasil.

Their products respect nature and the environment, by selecting each tree so that the special criteria and control of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which monitors the development and growth of trees in plantations in different parts of the world are respected, the withdrawals do not affect the flora and fauna in the forests and provide protection to people who live and work in the area - providing unique items: solid wood with materials like acrylic and metal turns into coffee tables, dining tables, sideboards and benches, characterized by their textures and forms. 

What makes the difference is that all the pieces are exploited, even if they are defective, signs of the passage of time, insects and animals. Everything is stored and becomes predominant characteristic of the object.

Original design and timeless pieces to show the splendor of Brazil in a sustainable way. Tora Brasil: o design na mais pura forma.