Daily Walks

Roaming around Toronto

by Jude Kamal
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One of the things that I always do; EXPLORE.

What other better way is there to learn and to see the world with a whole new perspective?

Let me tell you about my most recent so called "adventure"...

I started religously walking through different parts of Toronto since I came to the realization that I need a good topic and site  for my thesis project. So I came accross many beautiful buildings that I heard call out for me. Buildings that are craving for a soul, buildings that need an infusion of life.

The one that really spoke to me was this abandoned factory that sits along the train tracks in Toronto's West End. It doesn't really have an address and you are not allowed to enter the perimises. SAD!

 What if we change the way we see architecture, why do we always want to build new mass produced buildings? Why is it that we think a building is "old" or "junk" after not even 30 years of it being built?

It just devastates me to see a building like this, JUST sit on a piece of land, surrounded by nature, and not have a use.  


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