Trop Design's the Pool at Pyne in Bangkok

The swimming pool on the roof of the Thai skyscraper is also known as 'Sky Pool'

by Malcolm Clark
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In 2010 architects Trop Design were commissioned to design The Pool at Pyne for Thai company Sansiri in Bangkok. Situated on top of a high-rise block in the city centre, which occupies a 2,900 square meters plot, not far from the BTS (Bangkok's Sky Train) station, the swimming pool covers a rectangular area of 370 square meters.

The aim of the project was to create an open and free space, quite similar to traditional indoor swimming pools.

A series of smaller terraces have been designed to integrate the one which houses the pool that, in turn, becomes a complementary part of the tower block by positioning a luminous frame with irregular bands of light and rounded corners, which branches off from façade of the skyscraper to include the edges of the pool.

This type of swimming pool, very widespread in the city of Bangkok, is known as “Sky Pool”, because of its positioning on the roof of the buildings. A succession of trees and plants has been inserted around the pool and in the corners to seamlessly combine water, gardens and terraces.

    The Pool at Pyne 38

    The Pool at Pyne

    Bangkok / Thailand / 2013