Mocha Mojo: Mancini Design's 1970's coffee house

Walls and ceilings made up of Lego-like pure colour blocks

by Malcolm Clark
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Mocha Mojo Cafè is a coffee house designed by the German studio Mancini Design, which has its base in India.

The project harks back to 70's furniture and wallpaper which dwelled on early modernists' approach to interiors of beauty through purity, functional objects and pure materials and colours.

"It was only in the 60s and 70s that the old qualities of “opulence” and “ornament” were re-infused into interiors resulting in spaces of great intensity”, the same intensity that Mancini Design searched for in this project.

After having drawn up a three dimensional model, the project was realised step by step on site with the help of carpenters and painters who, like children playing with Lego, enjoyed constructing MDF walls and ceilings with acrylic emulsion paints and fitting self levelling coloured resin floors.

    Mocha Mojo Cafè 44

    Mocha Mojo Cafè

    Chennai / India / 2009