Smart urban design

Influence of human population growth on urban design

by Milan Milenkovic
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Historically, great cities are works in progress; their forms are nurtured over time. Since seven billion people are predicted to live in cities by 2050 government leaders and developers have to leapfrog centuries of gradual development and create entirely new cities.

Two theories have emerged as result of rapid urbanization: one that threatens to dismiss architecture and another that supports architecture.

 Dismissal of architecture: A good city should be built not on street layouts, transit designs, and housing projects, but on good rules. Rules should establish concept, which instructs how to build new cities onto unused land. The example city is Hong Kong.

 Support of architecture: Small scale big change, offering practical solution to known needs and aiming to have broader effect on communities, no urban manifestos or utopia. Organic growth, favela type of response to rigid city model. Dynamic space constantly growing and developing. | St Martin | Earth | Milky Way | Universe 

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      Expression in architecture is the communication of quality and meaning. The functions and the techniques of building are interpreted and transformed by expression into art, as sounds are made into music and words into literature. The nature of expression varies with the character of culture in different places and in different times, forming distinct modes or languages of expression that are called styles. Style communicates the outlook of a culture and the concepts of its architects. My q)