The Doll's House by Edwards-Moore architects in Australia

A house for dolls with peeling walls and fairfaced untreated concrete in Fitzroy

by Malcolm Clark
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Australian architects Edwards-Moore have renovated and expanded a cottage in Fitzroy, near Melbourne in Australia. TheDoll's House, whose name comes from its 4 x 23 m size, has been renovated by Ben Edwards and Juliet Moore with a keen eye on low-cost solutions.

The original brickwork of the cottage has been brought to light but the walls were not treated, while the white plaster that dominates the new spaces alternates with the exposed concrete and untreated wood used for furniture and bookcases.

The back of the house has been divided into two small courtyards that serve as links between the existing part and the annexed building, as well as giving it a greater perception of space.

The interior design, which has been deliberately left in its natural state, is enriched by the presence of some design pieces like the Plumen lamp designed by Samuel Wilkinson or the coat hanger Hang It All by Charles and Ray Eames.

  • David Ruud

    Very cool! Shows educated restraint...sophistication. Looks like a comfortable place to live...and I love that very private little courtyard!

Doll's House 97

Doll's House

Fitzroy / Australia / 2013