Too much uniformity: it's time to fix your bike

by Serena L. Rosato
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 STREETSTYLE_ Nowadays the use of bike has grown exponentially because of traffic, pollution and above So, why don't you think about the customization of your bike?

Danilo Leonardi‘s (Tagmi design) passion for bicycles and love of the world of bikes led him to the practice of stylizing and re-stylizing his bike’s frame. As he grew tired of constantly repainting it, he designed a temporary, removable, paper pattern to affix to the frame instead. The first Fix Your Bike pattern was born.



The beautiful effect drew attention, but as interest grew, the paper began to languish with weather and wear. Seeing the constantly changing advertisements on buses and trams gave him the idea of how to create a durable design. Eager to offer everyone the possibility to stylize their bike frames, Tagmi worked to find the right, long-lasting material and to create a selection of fascinating patterns to satisfy every personality and mood. 

Why not give everyone the possibility to change their bike? Out of personal desire came Fix Your Bike.

Fix Your Bike is an adhesive graphics kit designed by tagmi to customize your bike. With dozens of graphic patterns to choose from, there is something to satisfy every personality and mood.

Each kit contains 7 custom designed graphic pieces printed on a special polymeric film. Much more than a simple sticker, this material withstands water, UV rays and abrasions and can last up to 5 years. 

Using only a ruler and utility knife, anyone can follow tagmi’s simple instructions to apply the graphic adhesive. To apply a different Fix Your Bike kit or to return the bike to its original appearance, the removal process is easy, requires only a hair dryer and leaves no damage or residue. 

Each season the existing collection, will be replaced and supplemented by a variety of new graphic designs. Made in Italy.

  • Filippo Mura

    Molto originale, la bicicletta è un'icona della nostra era ed allo stesso tempo un un oggetto che nella sua semplicità, ancora oggi dopo secoli di storia, da tante soddisfazioni. Merita di essere valorizzata ricordata e perché no decorata.

  • Serena L. Rosato

    Serena L. Rosato


    Bari / Italy

    Architetto per vocazione, web writer per diletto. Progetta spazi e costruisce idee giocando con pixel e inchiostro, occhi curiosi e delicata ironia. Attenta ai dettagli e distratta dalle novità, costantemente alla ricerca della bellezza delle cose. Dichiarata dipendenza da viaggi, musei e scarpe. ____________________________________________________________ Architect by vocation , web writer for pleasure. She designs and builds spaces ideas playing with ink and pixels, curious eyes and de)