Recycling of Old Buildings


by Milan Milenkovic
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 There is a conceived idea of socially engaged architecture as a result of the recession and housing crisis. The demand for new precedent-setting ideas is great: unplanned cities are growing faster than planned ones and more than half the world's population lives in an urban setting.

In climate of austerity, razing buildings to the ground and then building them from scratch can seem quite costly to both developers and the environment.


Recycling old buildings is not only a matter of reducing environmental impact, it is also an opportunity to retain memories, discover richer textures and use ‘found' spaces that require innovative design solutions.
Architects are researching an inexpensive way to improve and renovate existing modern housing developments while residents stay in their apartments. The architect's approach is strategic, modest and mindful of the immeasurable benefits to come.

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  • Milan Milenkovic

    Milan Milenkovic


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    Expression in architecture is the communication of quality and meaning. The functions and the techniques of building are interpreted and transformed by expression into art, as sounds are made into music and words into literature. The nature of expression varies with the character of culture in different places and in different times, forming distinct modes or languages of expression that are called styles. Style communicates the outlook of a culture and the concepts of its architects. My q)