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Whether we want to admit it or not, we live in a rather religious society. Words like religion, faith, repentance, punishment have raised many generations and are included among the daily vocabulary of the majority.

The design studio Greece is for Lovers, motivated by this Greek way of thinking and living, was inspired by the religious element and by setting a comparison between the “orthodox” and the “unorthodox” –whatever it may mean for each one- creates the new product line, Vanity Faith.

It is a series of floor and table lamps which are designed based on the orthodox priests’ hats (kalimavkion) featured as lampshades. Similar mentality stands for the tissue-box made of iroko wood. The symbolism enters into the domestic environment and the excessive vanity and luxury of the orthodox clergy is weakened and acquires a more secular dimension. Objects-symbols which since today have been expressing respect and awe, now are converted into simple objects of everyday use.






The interpretations given to this new series are numerous and the criticism heavy. An obvious remark on priests’ luxurious “lifestyle” or an avant-garde design idea of functional character? Let each one of us draw our own conclusions…

One thing is for sure; GIFL dare to deal with and break the spell of an issue-taboo withdrawing the divine element –to speak in terms of religion- and giving a more daily substance. 

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Felt, satin and leather handmade shades, powdered-coated steel frames.


Floor :
W:29 cm / L:47 cm /
H:156 cm
Weight: 4 kgr

Desktop :
W:21 cm / L: 35 cm /
H:65 cm
Weight: 1.5 kgr

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Iroko wood tissue box,
cnc-milled out of a solid block, then hand-waxed.

A limited series of fifteen numbered items.

W:15.5 cm / L:27 cm / H:7.5 cm
Weight: 0.825 kgr

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