Jesolo Lido: Richard Meier's Beach Houses completed

A new concept of space designed on the unit of measure of human dimensions

by Malcolm Clark
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 “I'm creating a new concept of space, where to spend the holidays and free time, using the human dimensions as a unit of measure” this is how Richard Meier described the Jesolo Lido Village project on the Venetian coast. The project, when completed, sees local architects CZstudio associati | architettura paesaggio as landscape architects.

Jesolo Lido Village consists of three complementary elements: The Pool Houses - Jesolo Lido Village, completed in 2007, The Beach Houses - Jesolo Lido Village, just finished, and The Hotel & SPA that will characterize the third phase of the project.

The Beach Houses, located on the sea-front and consisting of ten floors, is made up of 74 luxurious residences and beach services, with sweeping views of the open sea and private gardens. Meier's project reflects the combination of light and space that characterizes both life in the residence, and the outdoor activities. All the apartments are on one floor and have balconies overlooking the pools, the sun terrace and the gardens. Each apartment of The Beach Houses is designed to capture the beauty of the coastline and of the sea. High ceilings and open spaces, characterized by glass made to measure walls, enhance the sense of openness in the space where the airy and bright rooms follow on from each other.

The Pool Houses, built in 2007, offer residents the perfect balance between private and public spaces, the central core consists of the charming courtyard with a swimming pool and solarium. The individual residential modules have a brise-soleil system that creates an alternation of volumes and empty spaces.

The design of the open spaces, by CZstudio, is an integral part of the new residential complex and is configured as a transition between the public space, access to the building, the private areas and gardens and the sandy seafront of Jesolo. This division aims to restore spatial configurations which are as 'fluid' as possible, by working on the continuation of architectural elements of the building (cantilevered brick divisions, wall-benches, etc.) and the use of 'bands' of shrub vegetation, to ensure confidentiality in the passages between public space and private space, while maintaining visual continuity with the Adriatic sea and the beach.

    The Pool Houses - Jesolo Lido Village 48

    The Pool Houses - Jesolo Lido Village

    Jesolo / Italy / 2008

    The Beach Houses - Jesolo Lido Village 91

    The Beach Houses - Jesolo Lido Village

    Lido di Jesolo / Italy / 2013