The 1001 faces of an Architect....

It's been a long time since the "Architect" era...

by Roberto Ercolani
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Once upon a time there was an Architect.

His work was quite simple. Clients usually knew that to build something they had to ask for someone who could design it.

So a great part of his activity was about design. 

He had to focus on design, because that was his work.

Lawyer work on laws. Builders build things. Reseller sell things. Architects used to design things.



Today an Architect is, first of all, the All-Round-Life Consultant of his client.


The Client already knows it all but he cannot sign the design. So he has to hire an architect to see its own ideas realized.

So the architect will also become his personal:


- secretary ("When do we have the appointment?")

- lawyer ("Find the law that will permit us to disrespect that law that we don't like"")

- accountant ("How much we spent on that single door of that 30 storey building we finished two years ago?")

- marketing manager ("Go with the possible buyer of the office to help selling it!")

- delivery boy ("Bring me that thing that has been wrongly delivered  to me on the site")

- personal printer ("Print 30 copies of this thing for the meeting of tomorrow, we'll throw them in the bin just after the meeting")

- personal shopper ("Come with me, I have to go and choose a little plate for the keys, for my home's entrance table")

- project manager ("Send me a report every day, on every single step, that every one of those 30 suppliers is doing")

- bank ("I'll pay you with only 120 days of delay!" (the lower interest rates on the loan arket!)

- moving company ("Organize the dismantling of the old office, the storing of all the things for 6 months and the moving to the new site")

- archivist ("send me, by email, that document we gave, by hand, to the supplier, six month ago, the one that I personally changed by hand during the meeting!")


To end this post I wanted to attach an image of an architect at work.

So I searched for "architect" on google. They are all smiling with a roll of paper in their hands.

Have you ever seen an Architect like that? Seriously???

  • Lélia Lima

    Perfeito ! Gostei do Personal Shopper, é o que mais acontece /o\