28-seat restaurant in Milan by Francesco Faccin

The Milanese designer organizes carpentry workshops with the Bollate penitentiary

by Malcolm Clark
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 28 Posti restaurant, a collaboration between designers Francesco Faccin, Maria luisa Daglia and Gaetano Berni, the cook Catherine Malerba and the Association Liveinslums non-profit organization, the project partner opened in Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2013.

The restaurant, as the name suggests, has only “28” seats and has taken the place of a historic Karaoke bar in the Navigli area.

The architectural project has brought the premises back to its original state by inserting new elements of furniture produced entirely from recycled materials” explains architect Francesco Faccin “The kitchen is the soul of the project, which guests get a glimpse of through a slit window in the entrance hall revealing the preparation of the dishes.”

The project is an exemplary case in point for collaboration with the inmates of the Penitentiary Institute of Bollate, who took part in the construction and implementation of the furnishings. Francesco Faccin organized a carpentry workshop in the prison, constructing tables, doors and cabinets, designed by himself and carried out with the contribution of the master cabinet-maker Giuseppe Filippini.

The restaurant also has plans to become a showcase of these pieces of furniture and to create a direct sales network with the Bollate prison. The laboratory will continue to develop projects in collaboration with Milanese designers, demonstrating how creativity can become a resource and opportunity to set up projects for social aggregation.

    28 Posti restaurant 59

    28 Posti restaurant

    Milan / Italy / 2013