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Make your shoelaces unlaceable with HICKIES

by Serena L. Rosato
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FASHION_ How many times have you had to slow down, stop your lovely walk or sporty run to retie your shoelaces? Laces come undone and get filthy, you step on them and trip, and you've spent countless hours tying and untying them. Shoelaces have been around since about 3500 BC, technology has improved almost everything else and yet here we are still, with the same basic system invented by cavemen.  



Two Argentinian designers Gaston and Mariquel has found the way to let your movements be unstoppable and carefree by creating a kind of unlaceable shoelaces.

Hickies is a patented groundbreaking lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces and allows you to turn any shoe into a slip-on. They are made from specially designed high grade elastic components, allowing Hickies to expand and contract with your foot and adapt to the shape of your shoes. They’re engineered to withstand the forces of various types of activities and fit a wide range of shoe sizes and comfort levels.



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The idea of Hickies came about in 2003 while Gaston stared at his favorite sneakers. He disliked the bow and knot of traditional shoelaces and realized that he was not alone there; laces are every parent’s nightmare and every athlete’s hassle. The solution was so simple, an elastic lacing system that connects each pair of eyelets fastening the kicks turning them into slip-ons.

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HICKIES are currently sold directly via the www.hickies.com site. Enjoy! 

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