Pavilion of Culture: to orientate visitors to Basel on a cultural level

The student international competition organized by Archmedium

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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COMPETITION _ Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland. With approximately 175,000 inhabitants, it has become internationally known and earnt its place amongst Europe’s great cities whilst remaining relatively cosy, quiet and small. It has the privilege of sitting on the border of three countries; Switzerland (to which it belongs), France and Germany and being the last navigable port on the Rhine.

Over the years, many of these private collections  have been opening up to the public. When counted together with the city’s public museums, Basel is the European city with the greatest density of  museums, with over 36 exhibition spaces spread out over barely 3 square kilometres.

The directors of Basel’s museums and private collections have decided to get together and invest in the Basel Pavilion of Culture. The pavilion will act as information point for these ‘art tourists’, where they will be able to find out about what’s on offer and organise their visits accordingly.

Therefore the Basel Pavilion of Culture will not just be a mere information point, but an experience within itself. The space will allow be able to host cultural events such as receptions, talks and small exhibitions among others.
The Basel Pavilion of Culture will therefore be a tool that saves time, money, and makes the visitors’ trip more fulfilling. For the museums themselves, the pavilion means elevating the number of satisfied visitors (given that each one will be directed to the collection he/she is really interested in) and also a place of consolidation, not only within Basel itself, but also inside the global art world.

The pavilion’s principal function will be to orientate visitors to the city on a cultural level. In order to carry this out, we are proposing a flexible, single space of approximately 400 m2 that is capable of grouping the distinct needs of the program; from receiving guests to special events such as receptions, exhibitions, presentations etc.

This competition is public and open to all  architecture and related fields undergraduate students. Graduate, masters, and PhD students who are currently enrolled in some official course can also participate, but only if they obtained their undergraduate degree less than 3 years ago.

The application must be subitted by October 31st 2013.


The winners will be awarded with:

1° prize 2.500€
1° prize 1.000€
1° prize 500€