Design studio Ina Matt ‘dresses’ The Exchange hotel in Amsterdam

The 61 rooms are treated like models to dress with special fabrics

by Malcolm Clark
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The Exchange, which opened in Amsterdam last December is a new concept of hotel devised by Otto Nan and Suzanne Oxenaar. Indeed, the rooms have been dressed by ex-alumni of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute as if they were models.

For the occasion, with the collaboration of the Tilburg Textiles Museum, special fabrics have been designed for the outfits of the hotel rooms. The interior design has been carried out and coordinated by the duo Matthijs van Cruijsen and Ina Meijer from INA MATT design studio. It was essential to this process to find a form which strongly emphasized the characteristics of the individual designers.

Ina and Matt's work is open to randomness and coincidence and this provides projects based on themes like light, space and touch. In The Exchange these are expressed in the design for the runners, with yarns made from surplus goods, and in the design of the tiles, which are the skin of the building.

The hotel has a total of 61 rooms ranging from 1 to 5 stars, each one dressed in a different and original manner like the neighbourhood in which it is located.

    The Exchange Hotel 123

    The Exchange Hotel

    Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2011