Casa Xonar: Islamic echoes for the Andalusian house in Silves

Private lifestyle permeates all areas of the house

by Malcolm Clark
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Casa Xonar, designed by the Portuguese office Studio Arte architecture & design and Lusco Fusco Concepts, is located in Silves, once the capital of Andalusia, conquered and ruled for centuries by the Moors. The traces of Islamic architecture are still visible in the city.

Casa Xonar, which means 'rest', 'sleep' and 'dream', provides an ideal retreat in the centre of the old town of Silves.

With echoes of this past, Xonar reflects its historical context more clearly, from its white exterior with Islamic features to its panoramic terraces, to the hidden rooms: the concept of private lifestyle is everywhere and is the backbone of the whole project.

Casa Xonar is a house that unfolds as we move from one space to another. Inside design elements and Portuguese works of art almost lead to a journey into modern Casablanca.

    Casa Xonar 55

    Casa Xonar

    Silves / Portugal / 2013