Croatian architects Studio Up designs Hostel Golly±Bossy in Split

A historical membrane with a metropolitan character

by Malcolm Clark
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The “Savo” building is located in the city centre of Split in Croatia. After having been converted into a shopping centre at the beginning of this century, it finally found its definitive functional destination after an “urban guerilla action” in 2010, which transformed it into Hostel Golly±Bossy in just 100 days.

The project by Studio UP of Zagreb has maintained public spaces, escalators and panoramic lift and divided the shop areas by means of a system of walls which contain all the necessary services - beds, washbasins, showers and bathrooms.

The project presents an urban metropolitan character along with a continuance of the public realm within a historical membrane.

    Hostel Golly±Bossy 68

    Hostel Golly±Bossy

    Split / Croatia / 2011