‘Nowhere but Sajima’ by Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

A panoramic view over the ocean while retaining privacy

by Malcolm Clark
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This new ingenious resort Nowhere but Sajima in Yokosuka has been created by YASUTAKA YOSHIMURA ARCHITECTS, already designers of the original project Bayside Marina Hotel in Kanagawa.

This holiday home which can be rented by the week is just over an hour from the southern part of Tokyo. Yasutaka Yoshimura's idea was to give the city's inhabitants the opportunity of experiencing this unusual environment.

Nowhere but Sajima is made up of long sinuous tube-like spaces enclosed in a single home unit. The wide openings of the apartment give an excellent view over the ocean, while at the same time preserving privacy from the road running in front of it and the condominums either side.

    Nowhere but Sajima 119

    Nowhere but Sajima

    Yokosuka, Kanagawa / Japan / 2009

    Bayside Marina Hotel 57

    Bayside Marina Hotel

    Kanagawa / Japan / 2009