AFH London installation during Clerkenwell Design Week 2013

‘The Huts’: four outside installations around London

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK _ Clerkenwell Design Week 2013 begins today (21- 22-23 May 2013) with a large range of new architecture and design proposals on show in one of the most creative and prolific areas in London.

Architecture for Humanity London is part of the event with four outside installations called ‘The Huts’.

In line with the philosophy of the organization, the structures are built up with recycled materials and sustainable criteria, interacting with the visitors to look for new ways to make  the general public aware of new way to conceive design.

The Green Hut, located in St. James’ Church Garden, is covered in edible plants creating a verdant element in the Hut Village. It explores the notion of a community pantry and take-away garden within an urban context. The Textile Hut, set on St. John’s Road Park, demonstrates the use of reclaimed fabric (in this case hot air balloon material) in an architectural context, while The Water Hut is about the way we use and waste water. Visitors will be able to pump water themselves in a system of pipes and tubes. The Remakery Hut is a homage to the Brixton Remakery, a project which Architecture for Humanity helped to design.

Beth Worth, one of the curators of the project, explained the concept and the ideas behind the installation.

How was the idea of The Huts born?

The idea for The Huts began a year ago when I was planning another event for Architecture for Humanity called 'Ideas on a Postcard' - which was about the design process from first glimmer of inspiration to initial drawings and sketches and prototypes and models. People visit galleries and shops and see the finished product. I wanted to show all the work that happens before something is made. We held an open call for 'ideas' on how to improve London and exhibited all of the submissions - about 250. I asked Cameo Musgrave, a talented designer and maker and AfH volunteer, if she would create a site specific build for the exhibition. Something that she could build during the exhibition so visitors could see a build in process. She came up with the idea of The Love Hut to tie in with Architecture for Humanity's 'Love Architecture' campaign. She built the hut in the gallery and left bright pink post-it notes for people to leave their comments on.

What is the leitmotif connecting the four structures?

The link between all four huts - they are all made from recycled materials found at the Brixton Remakery - where they are being built. (the Remakery is an Architecture for Humanity project - old garage space converted to a reuse and remake centre).  The four huts embody the spirit and ethos of Architecture for Humanity - the water one is about how we use and waste water, the green hut is about community growing, the textile hut is about exploring the use of different materials in an architectural context ad the remakery hut is an homage to the use of salvaged materials. In addition we have special signage designed by Risa Sano of Mentsen - our talented graphic designer. Each hut will have a green sign with the 'huts' logo.



Photo credit: Peter Landers