Amsterdam: the world's first 3D-printed Canal House

by Valentina Ieva
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DUS architects is initator of the Northern canal belt and the new 3D canal house and the KamerMaker, The Worlds’ first portable large-scale 3D printer. The Amsterdam architecture office is known for its temporary architecture, in combination with the building of large social housing projects. DUS makes a case for the canal house because it touches upon several societal themes: Developing and giving acces to 3D print-knowledge and new dwelling types, at the heart of the city.

The 3D printed canal house will appear in the centre of the city as a showpiece of the new creative industries in Amsterdam. Layer by layer the house appears alongside the ‘Buiksloter Canal’. The 3D-print procedure is directly visible for all Amsterdam citizens and visitors as a continuously growing exhibition.

The house marks a new era of innovation, linking different scale levels of 3D-print innovation: housing, construction and urban planning, or the canal house 2.0, the construction site 2.0 and the Canal Belt 2.0!

The canal house is designed with help of the computer. Different building components are being printed and tested with the ‘small’ 3D printer, scale 1:20. When the design is optimal, it is printed with the KamerMaker.

The KamerMaker prints a windowpane. Because the KamerMaker is located outside and easily accessible to the public, it is very approachable and offers a welcoming opportunity for visitors to learn about 3D printing.

The first rosette-window of the canal house. Within the windowpane, hand made glass will be placed. This way, old and new crafts are combined. Because the KamerMaker can print unique shapes, every window and building component can get its own signature shape. A richly ornamented architecture emerges, with help of a modern craft.

By testing with the small and big printer, the knowledge about the printing procedure grows. As the canal house grows, also the special ornamentation will increase. This way the growth of the canal house illustrates the development of the 3D craftsmanship. Each new object directly gets its place within the canal house.

DUS architects was founded by Msc Arch. Hans Vermeulen (1977), Msc Arch. Martine de Wit (1977) and Msc Arch. Hedwig Heinsman (1980) in 2004. The office builds 'Public Architecture': Design that consciously influences our daily life. This social significance shows at all levels of DUS' work, ranging from large urban strategies to outdoor breakfast designs. DUS sees architecture as a craftsmanship and combines research and design with a 'hands on' approach and unique use of materials.


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