Tense Architecture Network's Residence in Kifissia in Greece

An austere prism in exposed concrete wrapped in a 'shell' of vegetation

by Malcolm Clark
3 Love 1950 Visits

The Residence in Kifissia, a municipality located in the outskirts of Athens in Attica, in Greece, was designed by tense architecture network.

The lot on which it stands is small and is sort of 'crushed' south by the building next door.

The residence, wrapped in a “shell” of vegetation, looks like an austere prism, structurally supported by central pillars that make the house seem to hover above the liberated ground.

Three metal columns support a network of stainless steel cables on which the plants climb and which generate a volume as important as the house itself.

When the plants have grown, the 'green screen' will be crossed only by the central black column of the concrete shelter. The basalt surface on which it rests reflects the light inside. The exposed concrete has been given a dark shade where there is a need for greater depth.

    Residence in Kifissia 68

    Residence in Kifissia

    Attica / Greece / 2012