Ai Weiwei and Brilliant Minds unveiled ‘Arch’, a new public artwork in Stockholm

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Globally celebrated artist and activist Ai Weiwei, together with Brilliant Minds, unveiled Arch, one of Ai Weiwei’s most significant artworks, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Arch will stand outside the city’s Nationalmusuem and is the first iteration in a new series of public cultural exhibits that Brilliant Minds has committed to supporting in Stockholm over the next 5 years, celebrating innovation and creativity, and inspiring connection and conversation within local communities.

story imageArch by Ai Weiwei, ©Jean Lapin 

The unveiling of Arch takes place during Brilliant Minds’ annual gathering in Stockholm - a unique coming together of inspirational voices to showcase Swedish values globally, and support European founders with transformative ideas to make the world more sustainable, creative, and inclusive. The Brilliant Minds gathering serves as the leading forum for discovering Europe’s best start-ups and offers a supportive and collaborative platform for rising talent, championing the next generation of cutting-edge founders. Speakers at this year’s event include Malala, Esther Perel, Alicia Keys, Gabriela Hearst, Edward Norton, and Alexis Ohanian. story imageArch by Ai Weiwei, ©Jean Lapin 

Brilliant Minds’ unveiling of Arch in Sweden, the leading country in the European Innovation Scoreboard, marks a major milestone in Sweden’s growing significance in global art and culture. Last seen in 2017 within New York’s iconic Washington Square Park monument, Arch’s placement in Stockholm will continue to celebrate the power of public art as a catalyst for conversation, urging us all to think about the contradictions of the times we live in, and the responsibility each and every one of us has to work towards a better world.

story image story imageArch by Ai Weiwei, ©Jean Lapin 

Throughout his artistic career, Ai Weiwei has sounded the alarm about political and humanitarian crises, and continuously provoked and challenged assumptions about the role of art in society and how creative voices can and should be mobilized in the collective effort to make a difference on the world stage. In a time of political divisiveness, an unprecedented refugee crisis, and global waves of isolationist sentiment, Arch offers a powerful and thought-provoking message that reflects the uncertainty of the times we live in and the need for brilliant minds around the world to meet the challenge of change. story image
Arch by Ai Weiwei, ©Jean Lapin 

Through its 40-foot-tall structure, perfected in polished stainless steel and reminiscent of a birdcage, Ai Weiwei, a refugee himself, creates an ode to freedom, using the silhouette of intertwined human figures to represent the free passage of all populations, and appealing for a world without borders.

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Arch by Ai Weiwei, ©Jean Lapin 

Annastasia Seebohm
, CEO of Brilliant Minds, says - ‘Now more than ever, as the world is spinning at its fastest and most challenging, we must broaden our minds, share our experiences, and work together to create a brighter future. The aim of Brilliant Minds is to spark impassioned conversations, encourage questions, and seek answers, and the unveiling of Arch, and our new program of public cultural exhibits, will ensure we continue the important conversation for change.

story imageAi Weiwei, ©Yanan



Press release and photos courtesy of Brilliant Minds

Cover photo ©Jean Lapin 

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    Stockholm / Sweden / 2022